Realize your Dream Lifestyle with an 800 Credit score

Knowledge and self discipline are your keys to creating the life that you’ve dreamt of.  Let LaCrosse Management get you on the path to financial freedom. No debt is too deep and no credit history is too shallow.

The Services

Erase Bad Credit

We work diligently until negative remarks are removed from your credit report.


We use already perfectly aged credit to help you establish better credit.

Generate Good Credit

We provide resources and encourage habits that promote a good credit record.


Get ahead of the credit game with our unlimited informational resources.

Credit Maintenance

Effectively maintain good credit as it is closely monitored via Identity IQ.

Business Coaching

One on one coaching taylor made for personal and business funding.

The Process

Credit Consultation

Schedule a phone session to discuss your credit situation with a credit repair specialist.

Credit Report Analysis

A credit report is ran and analyzed for inaccurate data.


Dispute letters are sent out to credit bureaus aggressively until your credit report is corrected.

The Benefits

Enjoy the many benefits of a great credit score.  From home ownership to new business ventures, your dream lifestyle can be just months away.

Premier Access to Our Credit Repair Secrets

Book the Gold Plan consultation service below, then download this DIY credit repair guide today!

The Consultation


30 min Credit Consultation
Credit Report Analysis


60 min Credit Consultation
Credit Report Analysis
Detailed plan of action for self representation


Consultation & Analysis
Six months of Service
Full representation in the dispute process


Before his interest in credit education, this two-time felon has tackled some heavy life battles. After returning from his last sentencing, Eric T. Daugherty, was subjected to dwelling in a homeless shelter. He wasn’t able to purchase a vehicle or obtain a decent living. After being pushed into a corner, a light shone on him guiding his way out. Eric’s military background reminded him to stand tall and proud.  He has since dedicated his life to enriching others like himself. He strongly believes and teaches the power of credit and how it changed his life. He’s an excellent example of how life can be rebuilt in the face of adversity.


When we know better we do better

Take the first step toward building perfect credit.

Credit FIX 101

An introduction to the credit world. We’ll bring you up to speed with some basic information on how credit works.
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The First Step

It’s time to be proactive when it comes to your credit.  It’s never too late or too early to take control of your future and it all starts with the decisions you make today.